Unique Bush Wedding Venues


Bush And Safari Wedding Venues

Select our unique bush wedding venue with African Elephants.  The idea of incorporating our domesticated African elephants as an elephant theme in our bush weddings venues has been extremly successful in creating an “out of africa” flair second to none. This tops the list in terms of function hire and has given a spectacular touch to many a past wedding at Kwa Madwala Private Game Reserve.

Our two gentle giants, Modjadji and Tswali are able to perform various special romantic tasks:

The elephants provide for very special photographic opportunities during the ceremony and then again for the bride and groom following the actual ceremony. You can make use of these two elephants as part of the wedding ceremony, e.g. the bride arriving with the elephants walking behind or in front of her and then one of the elephants bringing in the wedding rings in a basket. Apart from the sheer presence of these tremendous creatures as part of the atmosphere, they absolutely love human attention and are similar to kids in terms of attention seeking creatures.

If you want something truly unique for your bush wedding this is it! This is your special day, the day you want to cherish for the rest of your lives – why not make it a truly memorable one with the presence of Modjadji and Tswali.